Listed below are tabletop-related projects I have created or contributed.

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard

Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard is a solo prompt-based roleplaying game about being a person of virtue going on a quest and enduring trials while attempting to hold to your Code. The PDF is fully bookmarked for ease of play. I created, designed and laid out the zine.

Available for sale at or L.F. OSR


Tannic is a love letter to the pine barrens, youthful adventures, and campfire stories. It's intended as a level 1-3 one shot adventure with stats provided for Cairn and Old School Essentials. It is dynamic and easily adaptable to your system of choice.

Available for sale at or Exalted Funeral

Freelance Work

Dolmenwood Campaign Book

Guild Adventures Book #0



Other work not yet announced